Introduction of Lianyungang Foreign Language School

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Lianyungang Foreign Language School( founded in 2000)is a public high school which is under the City Bureau of Education.  In 2007, Lianyungang Foreign Language School merged with the Middle School Attached to  Lianyungang Normal Training College; therefore, the present Lianyungang Foreign Language School was established.

It has six grades from Grade Seven to Senior Three. The number of the teachers and students is nearly 5000. Our school owns a rational structure, quality of the teaching staff with two special - grade teachers, fourteen distinguished teachers, academic leaders and teaching and part - time research staff. Half of the teachers own high - intermediate grade. One - third of  the teachers have won numerous awards at all levels  in national, provincial, municipal and district competitions.

In both the third annual examination and the college entrance examination in 2012 we have won a glorious victory honored with the Award of High Standards of Teaching by the City Bureau of Education.

Lianyungang Foreign Language School has its own features of characteristic foreign language teaching. It is a "National Foreign Language Experimental School" and "National Advanced School of Foreign Language Teaching and Research". We are recognized as "Demonstration Base of UEI Patterns of English Education" by No. 2 Beijing International Studies University and the Australian International Curriculum Research Center. At the same time, our school is one of the first group of "Chinese Education Base of Jiangsu" and "International Chinese Promotion Base of Jiangsu Province", which were named by Provincial Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs and Jiangsu Government and Department of Education of Jiangsu Province. It is also the only one which has served the class of rare foreign languages, including Japanese, Korean and German, etc. in Lianyungang City. "VCE International Education Project" cooperatively opened by our school and Australia has obtained periodical achievements which marks the formal settlement of international high school education in Lianyungang city. Both Dance "Swan" and Textbook Drama "Precious Textbooks" have won the provincial first prize in the Fourth Primary and Secondary School Art Show in Jiangsu, China which fully manifested our art and sports characteristics. "Curriculum Base of International Languages in Senior High School" and "Art Course Base in Junior High School" reported by our school have become one of the first elementary education curriculum bases.

In the new historical period, all the staffs in our school will firmly seize the development opportunities and with respecting the objective law of education development, accurate positioning, hard training, diligent working and strengthened studying, our school has taken the construction of a characteristic branding school, "first-class in Lianyungang, well-known in Jiangsu Province and influential in China" as its development goal; and it also spares no effort to promote the process of  "Junior Branding, Senior Internationalization and Overall Characteristics". With unity and harmony as our theme, team construction as our basis, learning improvement as our purpose, high quality and efficiency as our life, boutique management as a bright spot, foreign language reinforcement as the feature, art and sports teaching as a window and connotation promotion as our need, all the staffs here should further integrate education and teaching resources; fully build high-quality cadres and teachers teams; try their best to activate the classes; aim at encouraging the students so as to fully display our schooling characteristics; strengthen the education and scientific research, comprehensively improve the quality of education teaching and further expand the brand effect and enhance schooling  quality.

Lianyungang Foreign Language School full of vigor and vitality is the fertile soil for the students' all-round development, a cradle for their healthy growth, a stage for expanding their individuality and the sky for living their dreams.

Address: No.24, Hailian East Road, Xinpu District, Lianyungang, Jiangsu,China
Contact Number: 0518-85680619