Austrilian Guests Paid a Visit to Our School

Date:2013/9/2 21:39:57 hits:

Principal Jiang Qingsuo is introducing the school situation to the guests.

Principal Katharine Louise Morris is delivering a speech.


Teacher Ma Ying from No.1 Middle School, Hebei City, Anhui Province is communicating with our school leaders.

On the morning of April 1st' three goups of Chinese and Austrilian guests paid an exchange visit to our school, which included Principal Katharine Louise Morris ,Vice Principal Nick Murphy and teacher Shao Yali from Northcote Middle school , Victoria, Australia, and a group of four people from No.1 Middle School, Hebei City, Anhui Province, including the Party Secretary Chen Jie, Principal Ma Ying. In addition, Gary Li, the Secretary-General of Australia Study Abroad Consultants Association, and Director Tom from Thomas Carr College were also among them.

Accompanied by Vice Principal Zhao Dazhong and Director Wang Mei, the leaders vitstied the campus and the International Department. The visiting leaders expressed their great admiration for the school development status and the vigorous learning situation of the students.
At the meeting, Principal Jiang had a friendly and deep discussion with the leaders on the current development status and future educational ideas of our school. He also posed for pictures with all the leaders.