Monash university, Australia pays attention to VCE Class of our school

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On May 17th, Sir Tim, director of admissions at Monash university, a famous university in Australia and Li Qiang, secretary of Australia education study abroad association came to visit our school, receiving a warm welcome from our school.

As the educational brand of our school, the project of Sino-australia VCE cooperation has entered the third year. Over the past three years, the teaching quality of VCE has been improved gradually and the pass rate of SAC is very high, which show VCE of our school has a good momentum of development,  causing many famous universities in Australia to pay attention to our school. As a five-star university in Australia and one of the eight famous universities of Australia, Monash university sent director of admissions especially to visit our school as a inspection.

The headmaster Jiang received Mr Tim and Mr Li Qiang warmly and discussed the development of running VCE Class of our school. Mr Tim and Mr Li Qiang also entered the VCE Class and introduced the detailed information of Monash university to students and parents. They provided a wide range of information on studying abroad.

In 2012, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and Deakin university have contacted our school. The visit of Monash University enhanced the students learning motivation of VCE course and made their mind of realizing their dream.