TanGuo university teachers visit to our school

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On the morning of May 27, two teachers of TanGuo university of South Korea come to visit our school, receiving a warm reception in our school.

TanGuo university and our school are sister schools. It gives us a lot of help since our Korean international class was founded. Not only has it selected outstanding teachers to teach in our school, but also it sent teachers to guide the Korean teaching in our school.

In the morning, the two teachers communicated with the students in Korean international class on studying in South Korea and applying universities, which not only solved the students' confusion, but also increased the confidence of students to study abroad. In the afternoon, they had a meeting for the students of Senior One who have interest in studying in South Korea. In the communication meeting, the two teachers introduced brief information about TanGuo University and answered the questions of the Chinese students.

The visit of TanGuo University further strengthens the students' motivation of studying in South Korea and establishes the determination and confidence of their realizing their dream.