Our school signed an agreement with New Zealand Institute of Education

Date:2013/12/26 9:10:36 hits:

On the morning of the 15th of December 2013, our school signed an agreement of international exchange and cooperation with New Zealand Institute of Education. New Zealand Institute of Education is an excellent local undergraduate, whose Computer and Information Technology College and Business Course are one of the biggest in New Zealand. What’s more, this institute is the only one which has established cooperative relationship with Auckland University of Technology and UNITEC Institute of Science and Technology at the same time and has been authorized to set up direct training course. And it is one of the members of many authoritative international organizations and institutions. As a result, students can not only receive New Zealand diploma but also receive certificates of a variety of industries after graduation.

Our school would like to take this cooperation opportunity to reinforce internationalization program and broaden the view of exchange. In this way, more students can go broad and create their own future.