VCE Teachers in Our School Attended the Third VCE in China Conference

Date:2014/9/10 9:30:13 hits:

On July 8-10, the Third VCE in China Conference which was hosted by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), Firbank Grammar School and Thomas Carr College was held in Suzhou, China. Under the leadership of Principal Jiang, all the VCE teachers in our school attended this conference.

During the conference, mentors from both Firbank Grammar School and Thomas Carr College made various teaching discussions and communications with all the VCE teachers in China. Cooperating with Australian mathematics mentor, Tan Jungang, VCE maths teacher in our school gave an open class-Function and Usage of Calculators; Effects of Forces given by physics teacher Jing Yingying and Experiment given by chemistry teacher Ding Hailin won plenty of praise from all the present teachers.

Although the conference time was so limited, all the VCE teachers obtained a lot; the problems they met in daily teaching were all solved here. The teachers opened up their field of view and learned much experience which added strong power for promoting the further development of our school VCE teaching and improving VCE teaching quality.