A VCAA Oath-taking Rally for VCE Students, 2012

Date:2014/9/22 10:09:26 hits:

On the afternoon of September 11, a VCAA oath-taking rally for VCE students, 2012 was held by the international department. Principle Jiang Qingsuo, Vice Principle Qi Changyong, the parents from VCE program and all the students and teachers from GAC program attended it. Two students Fan Zhouning and Xing Ziwei hosted the meeting.

The rally began with a VCR, which looked back on those important days the students spent together and demonstrated their dream universities. Han Xiangcheng, the student representative used his sincere speech to show his feelings during two years of study. The parent representative also expressed her gratitude for the school and the teachers and encouraged the students to make great efforts. In addition, the students from Grade 10 and 11wished them a big success by saying 'Keep moving, you will fly'.

Principle Jiang was deeply touched; he spoke highly of the insistence and struggle of the students and was grateful to the teachers' devotion. He firmly believed that the students will realize their dreams.

The leaders also honored those students who made great achievements in two recent practice tests.