Mr. David, US GAC Project Director of Nanjing Foreign Language School visited Our School

Date:2014/9/23 16:26:50 hits:

At the beginning of this semester, Mr. David, US GAC Project Director of Nanjing Foreign Language School visited the first-cohort Sino-American GAC students in our school. Having taught GAC Project for about 11 years, Mr. David has rich teaching and management experience. When staying here, Mr. David attended many classes; introduced the history, development, course setting and selection advantage of GAC courses to all the GAC students and their parents; moreover, he also deeply discussed course setting and teaching methods with May Wang, Director of International Exchange Department, foreign teacher Justin and some other GAC teachers. There's no doubt that the teaching guidance from Mr. David bought indispensable experience and advice for all the teachers and students of the GAC class.