UEI Course

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  Lianyungang Foreign Language School brought in the UEI English Teaching Mode from the Australian International Course Management Center, cooperating with the International Exchange Center of Beijing International Studies University in 2003. This course uses original teaching materials whose main content covers listening, oral English, comprehension and composition. The focus on listening and oral English effectively complements and improves exsiting teaching materials in China. Co - teaching by Chinese and foreign teachers allows students to experience authentic English and provides them with adequte training in listening, oral English, comprehension and composition, etc. At the same time, it broadens their knowledge , and helps students to learn more about Western politics, economics, culture, education, and customs . After passing an examination at the end of the course, students will be eligible for a relevent certificate.

Those who complete the course within the first two years in our school will either participate in China's college entrance examination or be directly admitted to the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute to study preparatory classes for a year. This means they can attend freshman courses of ten public HEIs in Commonwealth countries after graduation.

Our school has enrolled no fewer than 4,000 students for UEI course since 2004.

UEI students get a full range of English training, due to which they have a significant advantage in the college entrance examination for English. The fourteenth installment of experts from the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute have come to our school to train our school teachers and teach the UEI students since the course was set up. All those activities achieved good results. Meanwhile, our school sent13 groups of UEI students, more than 3,000 students, to the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute for training.

For the moment, 41 high school graduates who passed IELTS at level 5 or higher went to well-known universities in the United States , Canada , Australia and other countries for further study.