Chinese as a foreign language course

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From the beginning of 2006,our school started to found the International Exchange Department and enroll students from Korea and other countries. The students from Korea will stay in China for a long term, while others from other countries will stay for a short term.

After they complete the main courses for senior high in our school, they will gain the Chinese Certificate for Senior. Also they can take HSK. If they pass HSK, they have two choices. One choice is that they can apply to the universities or colleges of China to receive higher education. The other choice is that they can return to the country where they come from to go on further study.

The International Exchange Department of Lianyungang Foreign Language School will meet the need for people whose business is in Lianyungang, because we can offer the chance of education to their children. Besides, our school has built partnerships with many foreign schools. If some students of these foreign schools have ambitions of studying in Chinese universities, we can help them realize their dreams.

We have enrolled 12 terms--more than 400 students from Korea and other countries so far. At first, they studied basic knowledge of Chinese in the class for Korea students and students from other countries. After they master the basic Chinese, they will study with Chinese students in normal classes.

While staying in China, they will be helped by Chinese students-one helps one. They will experience Chinese way of life in each helper's family, travel around our city, learn the culture of the city-Lianyungang and go to the places of interest. This program is so-called "one helps one".

At present, there have been about 30 students who have passed HSK. Among them, 15 Korean students are willing to go on further study in Chinese universities. They have been  admitted to these famous Chinese universities: Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Communication University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Qingdao Ocean University, Xiamen University, etc.