Sino-Australian VCE International Education Program

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In March 2011, "Base of VCE International Education Program" was launched in our school which marked the real settlement of internationalized education in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. VCE Course is the abbreviation of high school courses in the State of Victoria, Australia. VCE International Education Program integrates high school education in China into high school education in Australia which takes advantage of strong points of both sides. It can also be called a new type of education teaching model for realizing the perfect connection of Chinese and Western education.

At present, more and more domestic schools are gradually developing this program among which Nanjing Foreign Language School, Xianlin Campus has successfully helped dozens of students enter the University of Melbourne and some other famous universities for higher education. The courses created by VCE International Education Program are in parallel with Chinese high school courses; meanwhile, the students also learn related courses implemented in Australia high schools. The students in VCE classes will possess double enrollment status issued by both Chinese high schools and Australian high schools; and after eligible assessment, they can obtain certificate of VCE (Graduation Certificate of Australian high schools); after getting the certificate, they are equivalent to domestic high school graduates and enjoy equal treatments as those domestic high school graduates. According to the scores of their graduation examination, they may apply for entering 39 national Australian universities such as University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Australia's National University, the University of New South Wales, University of Adelaide, Monash University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Macquarie University, University of Queensland, etc. and many other well-known universities in Britain, the United States, Canada and some other countries. And they needn't study the courses of University Foundation.

At the same time, after passing the academic proficiency test in Chinese high schools, the students can also obtain their corresponding graduation certificate. VCE course lays a solid foundation for studying in universities in Australia and British Commonwealth of Nations. The bilingual teaching model in VCE course is more advantageous to domestic high school students to study in foreign universities. The learning methods seamlessly docking with international education is more beneficial for domestic high school students to successfully pass the entrance test of foreign universities; and it also shows great advantages in thinking and learning styles, cultures integration, language communication and some other aspects. At present, our school has established "Sister School" with Thomas Carr Middle School in State of Victoria, Australia; there are 28 students learning related courses according to the plans in Sino-Australian Cooperation Letter of Intent in our school.