IELTS Curriculum for International Classes

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In 2010, International classes were set for students of Senior one and Senior two to cope with our school's development trend of multichannel and enlargement.

For students and their families, it is a favorable platform to acquire more alternatives and an opportunity to realize diversified growth. For our school, it is a crucial move to shape up distinguishing senior high school.

Our school spares no efforts to deliberate about specific teaching plan, curriculum setting, scheme of class hours, selection of teaching material and arrangement of faculty.

Curriculum of International classes are different form those of common classes which are in line with requirements of domestic college entrance examination. Students in International classes study some basic subjects of senior high school and have more hard training in English at the same time. This is conducive to their future study and life abroad.

With cooperation of Beijing International Studies University, our school has established 'Base of International Education'. Every term students in International classes go to BISU and carry out English training for two to four weeks. They can dramatically boost their knowledge about English language and enhance integrated skills of English usage. After finishing three-year study of senior high school at home and passing IELTS, students are capable of entering universities of other foreign countries to go on with further study. Our school positively probes into senior high school education, especially for students who do not have good performance in other subjects but English and whose family economic condition is fairly good.

Now there are almost 100 students studying in International classes from senior one to senior three. They are struggling for their ideal foreign universities.