Language courses

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Our school is a school which is characteristic for foreign languages . One of a major highlight of the school is multilingual, advance, practicability of foreign language teaching. In the autumn of 2005, the school took the lead in our city opened a class which teach Japanese and Korean language courses. In the autumn of 2010, the school also added the German course, enriching the variety of language courses. Up to now, the school had changed the situation that it used to be never a full-time language teachers, only to employ social personnel employees, had already eight Korean, Japanese, German teachers which engaged in bilingual teaching full-time teachers .Over the past few years, our school has made seven grades more than 5000 students who can use Japanese or Korean to have a basic communication with the related national guests, and trained nearly 200 can understand German. Take the small language as a bridge, the school has signed a cooperation agreement with South Korea, the Integrity of Women's University, Dan Kook University Daohe Mechanical college, Inchon Metropolitan city White Stone Middle School, InhA aviation school, Jiazuo high school, Quetian high school ,Fuping high school, Aachen University of Applied Science and technology International Education Institute, Germany.

The school also organized rich and colorful activities, besides learning the provisions of national curriculum, letting the class of the students not only learn a foreign language, but also expand their communication with Japan, South Korea and other countries. The students who study Japanese had received five Japanese students and the education delegation ,participating the education visiting led by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office to visit Japan Zuohe city

The students who study Korean had received students from Korean for 12, a total of more than 150 students visited Korea.

Our school has organized the teachers and students to visit the German Aachen Applied Science and Technology University. During the visit, the two countries teachers and students lived in friend family . The teachers and students were admitted exotic, experience the exotic local customs and cultural background, and the deep the friendship with friend family members. Australia and Thailand media have reported the touching story between my students and our foreign friends, affecting our school graduates' employment trends in the future.