The Fourth Cohort VCE Students extended excellence in VCAA Examination

Date:2016-12-21 9:39:29 hits:

On Dec. 12, 2016, a good news came from Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Australia: The fourth cohort VCE students extended excellence in VCAA examination this year. All the VCE students have been admitted into famous Australian universities. What is more worth celebrating is that ten of them have got the opportunities to study in the University of Melbourne. Among them, the scores of eight students, Zhang Chi, Hu Zhiwen, Yang Yongrui, Zhang Shaobo, Xie Fulin, Jiang Mengyue, Xu Ziming and Hu Yaohua lists the top 20% of all VCE students; Qu Pengcheng’s score lists the top 9.7% and Ju Liang’s lists the top 8.6%, which extended excellence in VCAA examination.

The excellent achievements this year resulted from strong support and contributions of all the teachers and students in our school.